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    34 Hipster Restaurants That Have Officially Crossed The Line With The No-Tableware Thing

    Plates are not overrated, people.

    1. To all you trendy hipster farm-to-table restaurants out there, we need to talk.

    2. We know you want to be creative.

    3. You want to be cute.

    4. You want to be funny.

    5. And provocative.

    6. You're doing it all **ironically**. We know.

    You're going to love this: DECONSTRUCTED SPAG BOL, La Folie Douce, Val d'isere, €29 (@WeWantPlates)

    Twitter: @rocketandsquash

    7. But like, can we level with you?

    8. Can we let you all in on a secret?

    Breakfast in a surgical tray. Beans in a glass. Bread on a #bumpaddle. Chef in a headlock. (Pic: @ThatDamnYank)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    9. There's this thing that makes eating out way more enjoyable...

    @londonlass666 "Put it on the slate" You sound like the chef in a hipster restaurant.

    Twitter: @Elektrickery

    10. And just all-around easier...

    11. And it's called TABLEWARE.

    12. You know, like plates?

    Bread in a flat cap, Yorkshire @WeWantPlates

    Twitter: @MarinaOLoughlin

    13. And normal bowls?

    Confirmation of the Bread Slippers of Switzerland. You're welcome. #wewantplates

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    14. Instead of vintage irons?

    IRONING INSTRUCTIONS Cotton: iron on high heat Silk: iron on medium heat Nylon: iron on low heat Prawns: iron on ma…

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    15. And like, this m-f-ing umbrella??

    The end of the world is nigh. (Pic: @wyahaw)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    16. And gardening tools?

    My wife ordered mushrooms today and they came in a garden trowel. This is why we need nuclear war.

    Twitter: @wefail

    17. It would just be like...nice, ya know?

    I love this time of year when the fries are in full bloom

    Twitter: @SummerRay

    18. To eat off a normal platter...

    @WeWantPlates just been served my lunch in Greece on a miniature skateboard. It's a mineral spa by a lake full of e…

    Twitter: @DJAFrankenstein

    19. And drink out of normal glasses.

    Enjoying #WorldGinDay? WE'RE SORRY. (Pic: @hollycavetravel)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    20. And like, have an actual cheese **board**?

    Bloody Wimbledon. (Pic: @msleannefraser)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    21. Please just...give us silverware.

    "How would you like your lamb?" "On a rock with a pair of tweezers, please." (Pic: @SiMackie)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    22. And normal cups...

    Twitter: @mrchrisaddison

    23. Because we promise, tableware is NOT overrated.

    Twitter: @MichelinGuideUK

    24. If anything, it's not nearly appropriately rated.

    "Here's your prawn lollipop. Feel free to feed the fish but please don't turn the liquidiser on." (Pic: @johnnyhc)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    25. We're not asking for much in this life, people.

    This is not a dessert. This is a puzzle. (Pic: @Tankian21)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    26. We're just a couple of hungry people...

    "Sorry, I didn't order a beer." "That's gravy, sir." "It's what?" "Gravy." "In a can?" "Yes." [looks round] "Grav…

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    27. Standing before the world...

    Just to let you know @HarvesterUK there are things called plates that need no paper lining and don't spin so freely…

    28. And asking if we can please...

    29. Just, please...

    Coffee could become really popular if someone could just invent some sort of vessel for drinking it out of. (Pic:…

    30. Pretty, pretty please...

    Remember the wheelie bin code: Green = garden waste Black = cans and glass Grey = overpriced crisps (Pic: @helenium)

    Twitter: @WeWantPlates

    31. Can we have normal containers for food?

    32. And...not doggie bowls?

    33. Or...skull glasses?

    34. Until then, I guess we'll be *checks menu* getting our tetanus shots, eh?

    This post was translated from German.