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    Here Are 23 Face Tattoos That Will Change The Way You Think About Face Tattoos

    I kind of love them all??

    1. These arrows:

    2. This sprig of leaves:

    3. This lil' sparkle:

    4. This one inspired by a deck of cards:

    5. These flowers:

    6. And these ones:

    7. This trio of dots:

    8. This homage to The Little Prince:

    9. This tiny cross:

    10. This moon & co.

    11. This bouquet:

    12. This tiny slice of 'za:

    13. This single rose:

    14. This mandala:

    15. This bloom:

    16. And this ~ear~ bud:

    17. This anchor:

    18. And these minimalist petals:

    19. Another forehead mandala:

    20. This more abstract option:

    21. This scythe???

    22. This little heart:

    23. And finally, this lone note:

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