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    21 Extremely Pleasing Photos Of Food That Will Calm You

    A true feast for the eyes.

    1. Is there anything better than busting open a fresh jar of Nutella and seeing this?

    2. Or digging into a pint of ice cream that looks like this?

    3. This peanut butter is just goddamn immaculate, you guys.

    4. As are these perfectly arranged gummy bears...

    5. And this entire beauteous spread:

    6. This fruit platter is an actual masterpiece...

    7. And this cake, we're pretty sure, should be its own museum exhibition.

    8. If you've never had Romanesco broccoli, let this be a delightfully geometric introduction...

    9. Which we love almost as much as this straight up mesmerizing red cabbage.

    10. If these gorgeous food cubes are the food of the future, we'd like a time travel machine stat, please.

    11. And we're not sure what this particular watermelon arrangement is for, but we like it very much.

    12. Let's discuss this produce pièce de résistance...

    13. And the absolutely elegant tomato slices on display here...

    14. And this tortilla spiral that we'd like to bury our face in...

    15. Or this pristine cone of soft serve, which may or may not have made us believe in love at first sight.

    16. These Swiss chard leaves are positively beauteous...

    17. And this bowl of cereal looks just so oddly satisfying.

    18. Meanwhile, can we please talk about this flawlessly fried egg?

    19. Or how it's apparent that raspberries and chocolate chips were always destined to be together?

    20. And finally, the frosting finesse here is honestly stupendous...

    21. To say nothing of the utter treasure that is this orange's gradient.

    BRB staring.

    This post was translated from German.

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