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    Posted on May 25, 2018

    28 Brilliant Female Artists On Instagram You'll Want To Follow Immediately

    The most awesome accounts for sculpture, illustration, cake decorating — you name it.

    1. If you like strange, slightly surreal scenes that look like they could be in "Alice in Wonderland," then the works of Liese Chavez are for you:

    2. And if you have a thing for romantic pencil drawings and watercolors, check out @daoprasooks:

    3. Love scary makeup art? Then follow Alison McCann:

    4. Nazila Majidi interprets famous works and styles of art in her own way – and very colorfully.

    5. If you can identify with Kati Prusenko's illustrations, you should definitely follow her:

    6. And if you're a crochet fiend, you'll need to follow Bielka Estrella:

    7. If you follow fashion bloggers, fashion icons, and influencers on Instagram, don't miss Mia Sima – because her art looks like something straight off the runway:

    8. Adore impressionism? The oil paintings of @golubaya_fc are just for you:

    9. If you like extremely ornate cakes, you ABSOLUTELY have to follow Anastasija Galacevich!

    10. If you like more of a melancholic mood, follow Claudia Kaak and her poignant works:

    11. For serious motivation, Réanne is only 19 years old and already THIS talented!

    12. If you looove portraits, you will appreciate what Ujwala Prabhu creates:

    13. And if you like weird, surreal illustrations, give Jenn Ashton a follow:

    14. Can't get enough of awfully cute animal illustrations? Follow Alina Shulhouskaya:

    15. Or, if you prefer super realistic drawings, then Irina Vegele has just the right art for you:

    16. More of an abstract art type of person? Check out these wonderful seascapes by Paula Pitkänen:

    17. Marni Korneluk creates portraits of famous people and also dogs. We're into it.

    18. And if you're looking for strong, inspiring celebrations of black women, don't miss Ines Melina's works:

    19. Cubism and impressionism, plus skylines and landscapes = Seren Sanclêr's Instagram.

    20. And if you're a collage queen, you'll def need to follow Neusa Del Monte:

    21. Fantastically dreamy portraits of women can be found at Christina Iotti's Instagram:

    22. And if you love Disney-style animation, don't miss Alexandra Manakova:

    23. If you're into weird doll stuff, follow Asia Belik:

    24. And all sculpture lovers will dig Shanti Mogerra's account:

    25. Love anime, manga, and computer game art? Check out the 2D and 3D figures of Anastasia Matsu:

    26. You can find really beautiful watercolor illustrations of ordinary moments on Alexandra Bashkirova's page:

    27. Looking for nude portraits? Have a peek at Dariya Afaneseva's work:

    28. And finally, if you're looking for gorgeous oil paintings that seem to stare right back at you, well, Tabita Valsecchi is the artist for you:

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    This post was translated from German.