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according to this American gal. 3 years later and still so many feelings,

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Waking up at 4AM was rough. / Via

Stupid time differences.

But then you remembered it was the day! / Via

Who needs sleep when it's the royal wedding?

Finally sitting down you were transfixed by the spectacle... / Via

or maybe it was just sleepiness (it being 4AM and all).

You and your friends thought your fake accents were ace compared to the commentators. / Via

Mate, we sounded bloody brilliant.

The anticipation of seeing what Kate's dress looked like was too much.

Speculation is fun for only so long.

You and your friends were insanely jealous of all the fascinators and hats.

WAKE UP, AMERICA. Bring on the headware! / Via Frills and Thrills Blogspot

WAKE UP, AMERICA. Bring on the headware!

Audible gasps were made when Prince Harry rolled up. / Via

His Royal Hotness indeed.

You passed the time live-tweeting and got annoyed with all the royal haters. / Via

And it was to early to engage in a nonsensical twitter fights.

But then waiting for Kate took forever and it was too much. / Via

We didn't get up at 4AM to wait, Kate!

Kate finally arrived and you and your friends lost all composure.

During the ceremony you and your friends were on a roller coaster of emotions... / Via

tears of joys.

a tinge of jealousy.


a bit of anger. / Via

But happiness prevailed.

You all gave up hopes of making it to class by 8AM and chose to watch the balcony kiss instead... / Via

...opting to stay in your pjs and make up the sleep you loss.

You fielded texts telling you the Royal Wedding was on. / Via

You spared them your fury.

Waking up at 4AM got to you while waiting for William and Kate to kiss. / Via

Your (QUEEN-sized) bed wasn't going to sleep on itself.

And when they finally did kiss, you lost it. / Via

(You still get feels when you look back.)

Bonus: / Via

Who needs an excuse for a Prince George .gif really? Really?

Answer: no one. Ever.

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