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    8 Easy Steps To Masterchef Australia

    The kitchen version of Couch to 10k. An easy to follow step by step article (including recipes and photos) of how to go from knowing nothing in the kitchen to producing a mouthwatering feast fit for the Masterchef arena!

    All it takes is 3 ingredients and you can purr with satisfaction once you're done savouring it. Disaster cook to Masterchef in less than 3 minutes! You can thank me later!

    Step One - Empty the pantry on to the kitchen platform

    Step Two - Be a complete OCD freak about it

    Step Three - Stare at the utensils and then the vegetables and then the utensils and then the vegetables and then the utensils and then the vegetables. They are bound to become what they needed to be. If there's anything Disney movies has taught me, it is to believe

    Step Four - Start to panic. It's close to midnight and you haven't got anything done yet. Resort to munching on raw veggies and wondering why the god damn food won't cook itself like mum promised they would.

    Step Five - Lose your shit

    Step Six - Go through the five stages of grief.

    Step Seven - A light bulb goes off in your head. Last minute panic is the best source of inspiration. I promise.

    Step Seven Point Five - Find bread. But it in the toaster and stare at it without break so that you don't burn the toast. When it's a nice golden brown, take it out, slather it with a generous knob of butter.

    Step Seven Point Six - Time to unleash the top secret ingredient - it's what takes a normal dish extraordinary.

    Step Eight - Devour said masterpiece! NOM NOM NOM!

    Et Voila!