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    18 Times Tumblr Nailed Being An Otaku

    Life? What life?

    1. When you can't pry yourself away from rewatching your favorite series to try something new:

    2. When you realize how effortless it would be for you to do your thesis on a 400-episode shounen character arc:

    3. When you try to make plans outside of anime, but your schedule won't allow for it:

    4. When your bishounen thirst has no chill:

    5. When you're in too deep to be anything but honest about your interests:

    6. When anime morphs into your one tried and true procrastination tool:

    7. When even under great duress, you prioritize your otaku habits over all else:

    8. When you realize that true friends don't judge lock screens or desktop backgrounds:

    9. When you know you will never stop at just one episode, but try to do it anyway:

    10. When you realize socializing will never fill the void like video mashups and AMVs do:

    11. When you pine more for the release of OVAs than you do for other humans:

    12. When your friends and family are on the edge of staging interventions:

    13. When you've watched a series so many times that you don't even need to turn on the subs:

    14. When you stay up until three in the morning scouring the internet for your animated beloved:

    15. When you've got falling into a series obsession down to a science:

    16. When your obsessions begins to seep into your look:

    17. When people have endured your nonsense long enough to learn to speak your language:

    18. And when you're somehow in denial about your addiction, even though all evidence says otherwise: