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There's A Hilarious Tumblr Meme About People Stealing Breadsticks On Dates

"Sorry, something came up."

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Ah, Tumblr. A magical online world full of all types of ridiculousness. Now it is a magical world populated by people shoving breadsticks into their purses.

Via akeelahandthebinapartment23.tumblr.com

This has been happening for a couple days, now. Apparently a plague of imaginary dates gone wrong has struck users on the site.

Via akeelahandthebinapartment23.tumblr.com
Via ecofriendlycats.tumblr.com

Bad dates suck, but it's refreshing to know people have their priorities straight and snatch up some breadsticks before leaving.

Via gasney.tumblr.com

And not all of the scenarios end with a purse full of breadsticks. Sometimes they even get returned to the basket.

Via gayheda.tumblr.com
Via bookshido.tumblr.com

They can also make very effective blunt weapons.

Via aimless-novelist.tumblr.com

This phenomenon has been teaching people to prepare for the worst by carrying purses large enough to fit breadsticks.

Via patronsaintofemotrash.tumblr.com
Via noot.co.vu
Via wildflower-howell.tumblr.com

You can also easily predict your breadstick snatching habits based on your zodiac sign.

Via officialldeadpool.tumblr.com

Though the breadsticks trend was born out of strife, it has created something beautiful.

Via nerdgul.tumblr.com

We must also take a moment to recognize the real victims here...

Via mintypineapple.tumblr.com

...restaurant owners everywhere who can't figure out where their breadsticks are going.

Via phanaticallester.tumblr.com

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