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This Junior High Version Of "Attack On Titan" Is So Cute, You'll Want To Eat It

Seriously, though. Chibi Mikasa.

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But FEAR NOT! Our anime overlords have released unto us the highest of high art to satiate your hunger for more tasty Titan adventures. Take a gander at the trailer for Attack on Titan: Junior High.

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The show will revolve around our favorite characters and our favorite Titans attending middle school together in harmony.

Production I.G.

They must getting along, seeing as this Titan has swapped out dismembered limbs for candy.


In this non-canon spin-off series, Eren struggles to make friends because he, no surprise, hates Titans.

Production I.G.

For very different reasons from the original, though — chibi Eren hates Titans because one of them stole his cheesy loaf. So, you know, fair.

Go ahead and check out the latest trailer to get a glimpse of some more junior high and Titan zaniness!

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