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23 Secrets Doggy Day Care Employees Will Never Tell You

It's more than just a "cute" job.

1. Working in a day care is pretty dope, but there's nothing more belittling than someone calling your job "cute."

carterse CC / Via Flickr: australianshepherds

2. To be honest, most of the job is actually cleaning up after the dogs.


3. And cleaning poop is hella stressful because someone's always trying to eat it or roll in it.

Tony Alter CC / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

4. The most nightmarish part of the job is trying to get in and out of the gates without unleashing a mighty stampede.

NFL / Via

5. One of your arms is always sore at the end of the day from throwing tennis balls.

Matt McGee / Via Flickr: pleeker

6. You could make yourself a coat with the amount of fur you track into your house after work.


7. And you can't go anywhere after work without a shower because the dog stench is so strong.

Matt Miller CC / Via Flickr: pug

8. If you're not assigned to your favorite dog room for the day, your shift is basically ruined.

9. And the small dog room is always the craziest because they're tiny and KNOW they can get away with everything.

10. The dogs also form cliques, so sometimes the day care feels like high school.

11. When people bring in dogs who aren't trained well, it's not as fun for you or the dogs.


12. So you have to spend a lot of time teaching everyone commands and good manners so they can play safely.

13. Then there's always that one serial humper who loves to target you and the other dogs.

MTV / Via

14. When the dogs start to get a little too rowdy, you shout "DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR A WALK?!" to stop them all in their tracks.


15. When you meet your favorite dog's parents, you drop major hints that you want to be invited over for playdates.

ABC / Via

16. People send their dogs to day care with unbelievably extravagant snack lists, and you kind of wish you had the same pampering.


Milk-Bone at 10 a.m., Greenies stick at noon, rawhide soaked in a warm chicken broth for 30 minutes then served on a chilled plate at 2 p.m.

17. You harbor a bitter resentment for people who stand at the gate and rile up the dogs with their gawking and cooing.

huntingdesigns CC / Via Flickr: huntingdesigns

18. You facepalm so hard when parents get mad at you for sending their dogs home dirty.

Jennifer Pack CC / Via Flickr: petitshoo

19. You spend half of the day taking selfies with other people's dogs.

20. And your phone background is definitely a photo of a dog that isn't even yours.

21. You want to bring home all the dogs who come to day care every single day so they can have more human time.

Chisel Wright CC / Via Flickr: chiselwright

22. Even though you're supposed to be on your feet and playing, you secretly sneak in some cuddle time, too.

23. You harbor a teensy bit of bitterness for the dog's parents when they take your bestie away from you at the end of the day.

Stage 6 Films / Via

But as long as you can see your little fur buddies again, it's all good.


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