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23 Secrets Doggy Day Care Employees Will Never Tell You

It's more than just a "cute" job.

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8. If you're not assigned to your favorite dog room for the day, your shift is basically ruined.

9. And the small dog room is always the craziest because they're tiny and KNOW they can get away with everything.

10. The dogs also form cliques, so sometimes the day care feels like high school.

Ugh, those golden retrievers need to stop trying to make fetch happen.

12. So you have to spend a lot of time teaching everyone commands and good manners so they can play safely.

16. People send their dogs to day care with unbelievably extravagant snack lists, and you kind of wish you had the same pampering.


Milk-Bone at 10 a.m., Greenies stick at noon, rawhide soaked in a warm chicken broth for 30 minutes then served on a chilled plate at 2 p.m.


19. You spend half of the day taking selfies with other people's dogs.

20. And your phone background is definitely a photo of a dog that isn't even yours.

22. Even though you're supposed to be on your feet and playing, you secretly sneak in some cuddle time, too.