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Posted on Nov 26, 2017

React To These Tweets And We'll Guess Your Age And How Over It You Are

*Opens Twitter.* *Closes Twitter.* *Opens Twitter.* *Closes Twitter.*

  1. Twitter: @datassque
  2. Twitter: @Harry_Moore_
  3. Twitter: @chaeronaea
  4. Twitter: @BenMcCool
  5. Twitter: @DanMentos
  6. Twitter: @ch000ch
  7. Twitter: @bobvulfov
  8. Twitter: @KestrelPi
  9. Twitter: @famouscrab
  10. Twitter: @TheToddWilliams
  11. Twitter: @katydeedonnelly
  12. Twitter: @sophie_gadd
  13. Twitter: @MoonPie
  14. Twitter: @Kelseyummm
  15. Twitter: @comedysusan

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