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    21 Ridiculous Things Pisces Have Cried Over Because Y'all Can't Keep Your Feelings To Yourself

    "I cried when I killed a spider because I thought about how it could’ve had a spider-wife and spider-kids who were waiting for their spider-husband/father to return home."

    We asked Pisces in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most ridiculous thing they've ever cried over. Here are their weepiest results.

    1. These tears of gratitude: / Via

    "The delivery guy told me to have a nice night and I burst into tears. This happened legit 20 minutes ago."


    2. This bully:


    "I cried because I was having a conversation with myself and I made myself cry."


    3. This terrifying tuber:

    "My son once cried because he was scared of a potato."


    4. This cursed craver of croissants:

    "The man in the bakery line in front of me ordered the last two chocolate croissants. I was so upset I had to leave."


    5. This squirrel friend:


    "I once cried when I saw a squirrel in the rain. I thought it needed a rain jacket. I told my boyfriend and to this day he still teases me about it."


    6. This leaky bus ride:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "I cried on the bus today because my nose wouldn’t stop running."


    7. This echinoderm sympathizer:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    "I once cried because I was convinced that starfish don't have childhoods."


    8. This culinary masterpiece:

    DreamWorks Classics / Via

    "Yesterday I cried because the vegetables I made for a potluck tasted too good."


    9. This watery date night:

    NBC / Via

    "I was out to dinner with my boyfriend and I cried because he didn’t like his meal and I was the one that suggested the restaurant. He was bewildered."


    10. This sad, sad puppy:


    "I cried because I missed my dog. She was right next to me."


    11. This undeserving target:

    ABC / Via

    "A Tumblr post that said '‪I’m hoping in 2017 we collectively end Gemini hate and focus on the real enemy: Pisces‬.' In my defense, I was drunk at the time."


    12. This weeping worker:

    CBS / Via

    "I dated a Pisces that would cry at least once a month on Sundays because he didn't want to go to work the next day."


    13. This tearful aversion to seasoning:

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    "This is from my best friend, the most Pisces out there: 'I cried because I realized I bought spicy guacamole instead of regular.'"


    14. This sad-wich artist:

    Cartoon Network / Via

    "I made a sandwich with the last salami in the fridge and then immediately dropped it. I just sat down on the kitchen tile and cried over my sad sandwich for like, 10 minutes."


    15. American Horror Story: Pisces:

    FX / Via

    "When my friend changed the channel when I was trying to watch American Horror Story. My tears freaked them out so badly that they changed the channel back to the show and left the room."


    16. This breakfast substituting milk for tears:

    Fangbo Xu / Via

    "I cried at the Cheerios commercial where the kid says, 'so when we eat Cheerios, it’s like we’re eating breakfast with Grandma.'"


    17. This guilty conscience:

    Lucas the Spider / Via

    "I cried when I killed a spider because I thought about how it could’ve had a spider-wife and spider-kids who were waiting for their spider-husband/father to return home."


    18. This deep appreciation for memes:

    Keyboard Cat / Via

    "I’m a Pisces and the keyboard cat video makes me cry every time I watch it. I don’t know why. My friends all tease me about it, but it’s emotionally stirring."


    19. This Academy Award-winning flight safety video:

    Fox / Via

    "The safety video on United flights make me sob every. Single. Time. As soon as Rhapsody in Blue starts playing, my eyes water up and my sweet husband holds my hand and laughs."


    20. This cry for help:

    Starz / Via

    "I cried after seeing a toilet paper commercial that had a single dad taking care of his daughter from infancy to being a teenager. That’s right. Toilet paper commercial."


    21. And finally, this work of ethereal art: / Via Antonio de Pereda/Musée des beaux-Arts de Lyon

    "One time when I was listening to Mac DeMarco and photoshopping his face onto the Virgin Mary, I started crying over how much I love that sweet garbage man. I ended up crying so much that I couldn’t finish photoshopping the piece and it remains unfinished to this day." —brookec43841d5f8

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