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15 Photos That Prove Goats Are Underrated, Majestic Beings

Bow down to Their Majesties.

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1. Regard! Set your eyes on this glorious creature!

Zoonar Rf / Getty Images

2. This horned beast, whose penetrative gaze SHOULD have captivated our hearts for centuries...

Michelangeloop / Getty Images

3. ...has so often been overlooked in the face of fluffier, more easily huggable creatures.

Maximili / Getty Images

4. But is there a beast more huggable than a goat? Nay!

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

5. Observe this silly goat, who pleads gently for your love and affection.

Vladislav Ageshin / Getty Images

6. Run quickly to this goat, who is searching tirelessly for a hug atop a mountain.

Stockbyte / Getty Images

7. Do not deny this goat his snuggles, or he shall seek them elsewhere!

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images


8. And admire this goat, whose lovely beard drifts gently in the wind.

jerseygal2009 CC / Flickr: jerseygal2009

9. What is a goat, besides a less graceful unicorn with an extra horn?

Christian1712 / Getty Images

10. Would you hesitate to hug a unicorn?

Dennis Crabtree CC/Flickr: astrocbt

11. Then tarry not! Shame on you for hesitating to hug a goat!

Thibop / Getty Images

12. Lo, those fuzzy ears! Those fuzzy wuzzy ears!

Mike B in Colorado CC/Flickr: 63042497@N00

13. And that silly nose! That silly little nose!

-tarat- CC/Flickr: tarat

14. One day, goats shall be the creatures of legends. The creatures that were so cute that they brought humanity to its knees.

Fuse / Getty Images

15. So give a goat a hug, and in return you will receive a grateful goat smile.

Aso Fujita / Getty Images

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