17 Happy Floofernuggets Who Just Want To Give You Cuddles

    Who's a good dog? You ALL are!

    1. This grinning fluffer-muffin:

    2. This smiley floof-floof:

    3. This snuggly flup-flup-bun-buns:

    4. This cheeky fluffy-floofy-fluff-face:

    5. This tiny floofer-pumpkin:

    6. This cute and curious fluffy-bagel:

    7. This squeezable fluffster-bear:

    8. This ethereal floopsy-whoopsy:

    9. This softly-shodden flubsiddy-waddle:

    10. This sleepy, baby fuzzy-wuzzy-sugar-cookie:

    11. This thrilled little floopsity-flopsdiddle:

    12. This patiently-waiting floober-snout:

    13. This gentleman of a floofy-smoochie-cake:

    14. This puddle of fluffer-cinammon-roll:

    15. This coy fluffy-McFlufferton:

    16. This very good fluffer-donut:

    17. And this exquisite, snowy fluff-fluff-floopsy-fluff: