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This Woman Is The Real-Life Version Of Daenerys Targaryen

All hail the Mother of Dragons.

Fret not, citizens of Westeros! Our true queen is real and she walks amongst us in the form of Artemis Faye, a Tumblr user who is becoming known as the one true Daenerys.

Artemis had never heard of Game of Thrones until co-workers and classmates started commenting on her resemblance to Daenerys. She didn't see the resemblance herself until she posted this series of photos on her blog.

Artemis Faye / Via paainfully.tumblr.com

The post blew up overnight, with all of the top comments referencing her resemblance to Daenerys. The feedback inspired Artemis to start watching the show, and she quickly became a huge fan of the series.

Now she cosplays as Daenerys at conventions such as Anime Weekend Atlanta and MomoCon.

Photosbygary and http://U.V Photography / Via paainfully.tumblr.com

"I was so so surprised by how many people walked up to me at MomoCon and said that they recognized me from seeing me on their Tumblr dashboard or Reddit," Artemis told BuzzFeed.

When she's not cosplaying, Artemis wears a lot of House Targaryen gear as well as long, flowing dresses similar to what Daenerys wears on the show.

People still point out the resemblance at least twice a week when she's in public. "I literally can't get over how cool it is every time it happens," she said.

Artemis said she will continue to cosplay as Daenerys as long as the show remains relevant. "I've met too many awesome people because of my Dany cosplays to give them up so soon," she added.

If you want to keep up with Artemis's Targaryen adventures, you can follow her Tumblr and her Facebook page.