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    Aug 3, 2015

    21 Assumptions Multiracial People Are So Over

    It's totally OK to call a person exotic.

    1. Your parents' meeting was a grandiose, cinematic adventure of forbidden love.


    2. And one of your parents is definitely white.

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    No doubt.

    3. Being multiracial means you automatically know at least five additional languages.

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    4. And if you don't have any additional language skills, you don't care at all about your parents' culture.

    5. Being multiracial has made you super confused about your racial identity.


    6. You absolutely love it when people talk about how much they want to be multiracial.

    7. The different sides of your family don't get along with each other, by default.

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    8. You grew up surrounded by an exotic fusion of cuisines from several corners of the world.



    9. Speaking of exotic, it's the highest compliment you can ever possibly hope to be awarded.


    Intelligent? Dynamic? No. But exotic? Shit.

    10. You thoroughly enjoy hearing people say your family is the face of the future.


    It's been said the multiracial families will cure the world of racism, just by existing.

    11. It's chill for people to ask about "what" you are.


    Because you're a "what," just like a trophy or a fire hydrant.

    12. It's also perfectly acceptable for someone to ask "where are you really from" multiple times in a conversation.


    13. Because you're multiracial, you're definitely going to have an elaborate destination wedding.


    14. Depending on the time of day, location, and how you're dressed, you're not related to one or more of your parents.


    15. Since you're not fully one racial identity or the other, you can't authentically speak to any racial experience.

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    16. Being multiracial automatically makes you stunningly beautiful.

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    17. And hair? Yours is absolutely perfect. Because you're multiracial.


    18. You love answering questions about your parents' home countries.

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    Idaho, it's a beautiful land.

    19. People also assume that you identify with one parents' culture over the other.


    20. Even if your parents are an interracial couple, they definitely want you to date someone with the same racial identity as you.


    21. And of course, there are the hordes of people assuming it's OK to talk about how good your kids will look.

    General Mills

    (Because they will look good, and it won't be due to exotifying comments).

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