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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Planets By How Fucking Dramatic They Are

    Mercury in retrograde. Jupiter throwing storm tantrums. Uranus rolling around the floor, like GUYS.

    Extra: Dramatic. Excessive. Doing the most. We all know that person, and we all have those moments. But even the most extra humans pale in comparison to the the most dramatic beings in our solar system: the motherfucking planets.

    From using their orbits as a stage for their acrobatic routines to harboring storms that could swallow our planet whole, these celestial bodies — though gorgeous and glamorous — are sometimes Just Too Much. So it’s only fair that we rank them based on their level of histrionics.

    Unless otherwise noted, all facts below are sourced from NASA.

    8. Neptune

    7. Mercury

    6. Saturn

    5. Mars

    4. Earth

    3. Jupiter

    2. Venus

    1. Uranus