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How Stereotypically Dad Is Your Dad?

Is he the most dad of all the dads?

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  1. Does your dad... (check off all that apply)

    Constantly walk around the house turning off lights?
    Take photos of your friends and family without warning or announcement?
    Not know the difference between the front and back camera on his phone?
    Stand in a circle with other people as they discuss how they arrived at that particular destination?
    Give friends and family tours of places he's never been to before?
    Laugh at his own jokes?
    Have a shelf full of untouched self-help books?
    Use the Google to figure out slang terms?
    Add "the" to the beginning of words that definitely don't need it?
    Store his phone in a plastic bag when he goes near water?
    Pretend not to listen when someone says something he doesn't want to hear?
    Disappear for hours at a time whenever his presence is requested?
    Read nonfiction books for fun?
    Passive aggressively post the energy bill on the fridge when it gets too high?
    Refuse to call professionals to help with home improvement projects?
    Spend hours on YouTube trying to do DIY projects around the house?
    Refuse to acknowledge when he's horrendously botched up said DIY projects?
    Never think he's wrong?
    Never type "lol"?
    Wear one pair slippers for his entire life and never gets new ones?
    Never buy himself clothes?
    Use correct punctuation when texting?
    Sign his name at the end of texts?
    Communicate through emails instead of texts?
    Put his entire message in the subject line of the email, with nothing in the body?
    Find joy in lying to children about how the world works?
    Store used plastic bags under the counter?
    Give advice to youths in the form of idioms (money doesn't grow on trees!)?
    Pretend like he always know where he's going?
    Print out directions from Google Maps?
    Listen to the traffic on the radio?
    Email the articles he finds interesting to all of his friends?
    Dance incredibly unselfconsciously?
    Scoff at pop culture?
    Brag about how much better music was in his time?
    Work the grill like a boss but have no idea how to navigate a kitchen?
    Fall asleep on the sofa?
    Have a random photo that is definitely not him as his Facebook profile picture?
    Leave his loved ones voicemails just to check in?

How Stereotypically Dad Is Your Dad?

Your dad is definitely the least dad. In fact, he might not be a dad at all? Regardless, you probably won't be getting a fart joke from him any time soon.

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Your dad is definitely a dad, but he's probably too cool to have that ultimate dad vibe. He probably listens to actual music on the radio and knows how to use his phone properly. Good for him, and congrats on having an awesome dad!

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Out of all the dads, your dad is the most dad. He's likely very conscious about the energy bill, communicates with you in bizarre and unexpected ways, and cracks corny jokes like it's his job. Best of all, everyone loves him for it, because dads are the best!

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