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13 Cheap And Easy Ways To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level

Refresh your space with the help of our handy quiz.

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Can't decide what to do with your room? Take this quiz! You can also scroll down to see all of the options.


1. Hang your accessories on your wall to declutter your surfaces.

You can buy the driftwood hangers on the left here for $24.95, or if you can make the hangers on the right with this tutorial.


6. If you don't want to spend money or time on procuring a headboard, use a cork board or perforated metal sheet.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

It's so much cheaper, plus you can hang stuff on it! You can find a metal sheet at your hardware store for $9.76. If you want a more detailed how-to, check out this post.


11. Place a fuzzy rug next to your bed.

Your feet will thank you! Buy the rug on the left here for $33, and the rug on the right here for $12.