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How Hipster Are Your Grandparents?

Hey grams, can you pass me the kombucha?

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  1. Does one or more of your grandparents...

    Have a mustache?
    Have a waxed mustache?
    Don a fedora or porkpie hat from time to time?
    Own a pair of thick, black-rimmed glasses?
    Actually use mason jars?
    Listen to vinyl records?
    Have a cassette player?
    Listen to music you've never heard of?
    Pickle their own fruits and vegetables?
    Can their own food?
    Tend their own herb garden?
    Use Edison bulbs?
    Own things with birds on them?
    Own wooden furniture they made with their bare hands?
    Have vintage china around the house?
    Possess and use a Polaroid camera?
    Have tons of pictures where they aren't smiling?
    Mostly appear in black and white or sepia photos?
    Smoke cigars?
    Smoke pipes?
    Own an impressive collection of sweaters?
    Choose baths over showers?
    Steadfastly use an old, worn-out leather wallet?
    Wear plaid?
    Wear bowties?
    Wear suspenders?
    Enjoy whimsical socks?
    Own a fixed-gear bicycle?
    ...with a basket?
    ...and no hand brakes?
    Wear pocket squares?
    Collect old magazines?
    Play shuffleboard?
    Wear tweed vests...
    ...with matching newsboy caps?
    Shop in thrift stores?
    Distrust social media?
    Refuse to join Snapchat?
    Think apple the fruit is better than Apple the tech company?
    Wear T-shirts with random company's logos on them?
    Own a pocket watch?
    Check the time on a watch instead of a phone?
    Use a flip phone?
    Prefer cheap beer?
    Drink whiskey?
    Drink classic cocktails...
    ...and actually know how to make classic cocktails?
    Read real books with real pages?
    And hard copies of newspapers?
    Prefer to use a typewriter?
    Slick back their hair?
    Think TV is an artless form of entertainment?
    Not care about the Kardashians?
    Complain about the youths?
    Complain about the neighborhood changing?
    Complain about everything?
    Refuse to identify as a hipster?

How Hipster Are Your Grandparents?

Your grandparents are just...ya know...your grandparents. They resist stereotypes, which also happens to be very anti-hipster. Good for them!

Eh, not really hipster.
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It might be time to sit them down and explain what a hipster is, because they're dangerously close to colliding with one on a fixed-gear bike.

They're pretty hipster, tbh.
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You have the coolest grandparent(s) on the block! Take them out for a cold glass of kombucha and ask if they have tales from their beatnik days.

They're total fuckin' hipsters.
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