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How Fancy Are Your Pants?

Indubitably, my crumpets!

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  1. Check off all that apply...

    Do you begin your sentences with "ergo?"
    Or "henceforth?"
    Do you tip your hat to passerby?
    Does your monocle comically pop off when you get surprised?
    Do you have an entire room full of portraits?
    Some of those portraits being important members of your family?
    Do you eat tea and crumpets everyday at 3:00 p.m. on the dot?
    Do you have a butler named Wallace?
    Or Chadwick?
    Or Alfred?
    Does your butler take your coat for you every time you enter your foyer?
    Do you promenade through the garden on nice summer evenings?
    Do you know what a waistcoat is?
    Do you store your pocket watch in your waistcoat?
    Do you own a very tall hat?
    Do you clap your hands twice to confirm you've just issued someone an order?
    Do you occasionally wear gloves up to your elbows?
    Have you ever been aghast?
    Do you have your own private booth at the opera?
    Do you occasionally fret over the family jewels?
    Or...the FAMILY SECRET?
    Did you just gasp aloud as your read that?
    Perhaps you were even...AGHAST?
    Do you scorn "new money?"
    Do you applaud with two fingers?
    Do you initiate interactions by saying, "May I have this dance?"
    Do you wear a nightgown to bed?
    As well as a nightcap?
    Do you huff "well, I never!" when people refer to you as a "fancy-pants?"

How Fancy Are Your Pants?

For shame, for shame good fellow! Did you buy your pants at NOT-fancy store? Pop your monocle back in and and straighten your waistcoast before you cause someone to be aghast!

Gasp! Your pants aren't fancy at all
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Maybe one pant-leg is fancy, but definitely not the other. Straighten your family portraits and fret over the family jewels, then try this quiz again. Oh, and buy yourself some fancier pants.

Ergo, your pants are kind of fancy
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Welcome, oh-fancy-one. We succumb to the power of your fancy-pants pants, and are at your mercy until you fully invite us into your foyer.

Henceforth, your pants are SO fancy
Ysbrand Cosijn/Thinkstock
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