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21 Faces Everyone Who Has Endured Group Projects Will Recognize

We came. We fought. We conquered the bare minimum.

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1. When your teacher announces there's going to be a group project.

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2. When you're asked to pick groups and you run to your best friend.


3. Or when you have to form groups and you don't know anyone in class.


4. When you're forced to work with someone you can't stand.


5. When you try to coordinate your schedules to meet and then no one shows up.


6. When someone pronounces themselves group leader and tries to take over the entire project.


7. When you have to make something creative but no one has artistic abilities.


8. When someone pitches grandiose plans that you know they'll never actually do.

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9. When you keep getting interrupted by the person who talks over everyone else.


10. When everyone's goofing off and you just want to get the work done.


11. When you end up doing all the work because no one else will contribute.


12. When you don't see a group member until the project is due.


13. When it's the night before the project and you can't get ahold of anyone.

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14. When you schmooze the teacher for some extra credit points to save your asses.


15. When someone plays it off like they did all the work.


16. When you pray for a miracle right before turning in your project.

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17. When someone shows up without their part of the project.


18. When you bring in your individual parts and nothing goes together.

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19. When you stand at the front of the room in silence because you didn't plan out who would speak first.

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20. When you turn in everything at the end of class and no longer give a damn.


21. When it's finally over but your teacher assigns another group project.


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