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What Would Your Life Be Like As A Lame Super Hero?

We can't all be winners in this universe.

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When night falls, evil rises. Your town needs a hero, and that hero is...definitely not you. But you're going to try your darndest anyway. Climb to a rooftop and whisper your name into the wind.

Now, look around for...wait. Wait a second. Did you...ugh, you fool! You forgot to put clothes on! What do you normally wear as your super outfit?

Thank goodness your sidekick remembered it for you. What's your sidekick's name?

Seriously? OK, whatever. Wait, what's that on the horizon? It's your generic evil nemesis! Their name is...

Oh no, they're getting ready to strike! Time to hit them with your SUPER POWER!

Well, you clearly lost. Sorry. Maybe the super hero life just isn't for you.

Cyano66 / Getty Images