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    17 Desks That Will Make You Want To Actually Get To Work

    ♫ We can work from home... ♫

    1. This beautiful desk that will make you feel like you're working on a cloud.

    2. This perfectly-accented tabletop.

    3. This one with cooling mint walls to keep you relaxed.

    4. This cat-friendly desk with lots of spots for hanging.

    5. This festive desk with fairy-like twinkle lights.

    6. This nicely-organized desktop that will make you want to hunker down for hours.

    7. This pretty in pink desk with pizzazz.

    8. This black and white setup that will make you want to put on your thinking cap.

    9. This perfect workspace for you and your furry friend.

    10. Or this workspace for you and a human friend.

    11. This corner with shelves galore.

    12. This relaxing nook with a view.

    13. This power desk that will make you feel like you're on top of the world.

    14. This clean and simple space with a cozy rug.

    15. This desk that stays out of the way.

    16. This inconspicuous shelf desk.

    17. And this desk, with lots of photos and knickknacks for inspiration.