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21 Cosplays You Can Make For Under $20

You can totally dress up without emptying your bank account.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best cosplays for under $20. Here are some of the best responses.

1. The Joker from Batman

BrissieBuzzer / Via BuzzFeed

"I bought an oversized men’s suit from Salvation Army and transformed it into a female size 8 suit, complete with suit tail at the back. The wig and the toy were my younger brother’s. I think I spent only $3 on this entire costume, and I made my best friend’s Catwoman for $5." —BrissieBuzzer

2. Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman

kriselthemissile / Via BuzzFeed

"I used an old bra and red shirt to make the bustier, an old skirt, my dad's old Dracula cape, some rope I found at the dollar store, and gold foam from a craft store. I think i spent a chill $5 on this Wonder Woman cosplay." —kriselthemissile

3. Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series

Laracarter / Via BuzzFeed

"I already had the corset, bought the skirt from a thrift shop for about $6, used an old shirt, cut it off at the arms and the cleavage and tied it back together with some threads. I also bought a silver pencil for fabrics for $3 and borrowed a wand from a friend. It took some time to prepare it but I think it was worth it." —Laracarter

4. Green Arrow from Arrow

BrandelineB / Via BuzzFeed

"The skirt was $5 on Amazon, the tank was $3 at Walmart, and the fishnet top was $3 on a Rue21 clearance rack. The quiver was the most expensive piece, and it was $8. From there, I had to buy clay, foam for the arrows and the mask, and wooden dowels, which was probably about $5." —BrandelineB

5. Han Solo in carbonite from Star Wars

l4a09f1732 / Via BuzzFeed

"I made a Han Solo in carbonite costume for the cost of a can of silver spray paint and a cheap tube of silver makeup. I used old clothes, a torn cardboard box, and duct tape to pull the look together." —l4a09f1732

6. Chloe Price from Life is Strange

leighbaker0731 / Via BuzzFeed

"It cost me about $8 since I just used iron-on paper to transfer her shirt design, temporary tattoo paper for her tattoo sleeve, jeans, suspenders, a black bra, and a black beanie. The only thing I had to buy was the wig and it was a big hit! I even handed out missing Rachel Amber posters I printed out." —leighbaker0731

7. Sloth and Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist

kasyndran / Via BuzzFeed

"Together, both costumes were $18. We cut fur off an old winter coat and an old semi formal gown. $15 was spent dying my hair the same colour as my dress. The rest? Spent on sharpies to draw on the ouroboros. Won two competitions for best costume and best costume duo!" —kasyndran

8. Gwendoyn from Saga

NatiReyesArt / Via BuzzFeed

"The white pants were $5 from a thrift shop, the tank top (cut up and glued) was $7 from H&M, the paint/spray paint was $4 from the dollar store, and the horns were $5 from a Halloween shop. The blazer was pre-owned and the stick was from an old broom. " —NatiReyesArt

9. Katana from Suicide Squad

shaneikaedrycetl / Via BuzzFeed

"I made [the mask] myself from a half-mask, a short folder, some markers, and my trusty pair of giant scissors. I bought the most basic [shawl] in the nearest color. So the whole outfit cost about less than $10, and I felt like a badass the entire time I wore it. Not all heroes wear capes; some like leather jackets." —shaneikaedrycetl

10. WALL-E and Eve from WALL-E

liaw40a478365 / Via BuzzFeed

"We used poster paper, markers, tape, decent drawing skills, string, clothes, and hats we already had to make WALL-E and Eve. Don’t remember the exact amount but definitely under $20." —liaw40a478365

11. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

vivalajenn / Via BuzzFeed

"I cosplayed as the iconic Khaleesi/Mother of Dragons/Daenerys Targaryen at the 2013 and 2014 X Con convention in Myrtle Beach. Since I had previously worked as a seamstress while I was in college, it was easy to sew everything by hand. The fabric for the top was only $5 and the skirt fabric was $7 at Walmart. I finished second in the costume contest!" —vivalajenn

12. Amy Pond and River Song from Doctor Who

nicolettejkemp / Via BuzzFeed

"The dress and buttoned shirt were amazing thrift store finds ($5-$10), which we modified to fit. Then we added some sharpies, string, accessories we already had, and BAM — some thrifty cosplay. We had plenty of compliments and were surprised by how many people wanted to take pictures with us!" —nicolettejkemp

13. Splicer from Bioshock

ladylivy / Via BuzzFeed

"I made the mask and hooks out of printer paper, newspaper, and painters tape, then painted them. The dress I bought for maybe $5 and cut it up and covered in fake blood. And my shoes cost maybe $10." —ladylivy

14. Ryoko Tamiya and Shinichi Izumi from Parasyte: The Maxim

kayleighc14 / Via BuzzFeed

"Make-up and toy swords from the dollar store, a cheap wig, paint, magic markers, a spool of wire, a ping pong ball, and clothes we already had were the materials we used to complete this look. And a lot of hot glue. And frustration. Overall a little silly and cheap looking, but we were so happy to be recognized a few times!" —kayleighc14

15. Princess Serenity (left) from Sailor Moon

KittyCypher / Via BuzzFeed

"I work at a fabric store so I scored five meters of white fabric for about $7, bought 10 meters of beading for about 50 cents a meter, and several packets of flat-backed pearls from the dollar store. The hair clips were made from a broken necklace I had and some bobby pins, and the hoop skirt was one I had taken apart and modified for the dress." —KittyCypher

16. Trainer from Pokémon Go

dawnh448952310 / Via BuzzFeed

"Biggest purchase was the romper which was right less than $20!" —dawnh448952310

17. Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel

shipalltheships / Via BuzzFeed

"Old red dance pants, scrap fabric, and thrift store sheets. All I paid for was the fabric glue, edging (which I got on sale) and wig! Gotta love Kamala!" —shipalltheships

18. Nyan Cat from Nyan Cat

heathern19 / Via BuzzFeed

"Got the boxes for free when I worked in a bakery, spray paint around $3 each, felt-shaped “sprinkles” for $2.50 at Michael’s craft store, bow ties, cat ears, and rainbow ribbons from the Dollar Tree, the rainbow suspenders for $5 from Party City, and rainbow felt capes from Jo-Ann Fabric." —heathern19

19. Mugatu from Zoolander

Bilbo15 / Via BuzzFeed

"I made my own wig out of a two-inch headband, styrofoam balls, fake craft fur, and went to Goodwill for the sweater and boots. Cost me just shy of $20." —Bilbo15

20. Character from Star Wars

ashleya4422ba9e9 / Via BuzzFeed

"I had everything except the socks to tear up to make arm bands and the $9 lightsaber. Total cost = $12." —ashleya4422ba9e9

21. Dobby from the Harry Potter series

shelleyk43467ee67 / Via BuzzFeed

"I dressed my son as Dobby from Harry Potter for an event. Used an old t-shirt and sock, the only thing I had to buy was the yarn ($4) so my more talented friend could make the hat." —shelleyk43467ee67

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Some of the responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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