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Cartoon Network Just Released Its First Original Mobile Game

Malls, fists, and super powers — what more could you want?

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The world of Lakewood Plaza Turbo isn't exactly a new one. In 2013, Cartoon Network released a pilot for this potential animated series, but we haven't seen anything regarding the show since then.

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The eight-minute pilot is also jam-packed with references to anime shows like Dragon Ball Z and popular fighting games, which isn't a bad combination.

Cartoon Network recently announced that they would be returning to this world of kooky fighting heroes, but rather than introducing the franchise through a television series, they're going to build the world in... a mobile game!

This action-heavy brawler follows the main character, K.O., as he battles the evil Lord Boxman.

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Oh, and it's set in a mall for superheroes. Also K.O. gets to learn new fighting techniques from his mom to unlock some nifty special attacks.

The decision to introduce this franchise through the OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo mobile game marks a pretty remarkable shift for Cartoon Network, who usually builds loyal audiences through its shows first.

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Think of the huge fanbases for shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time, whose popularity on TV inspired their franchises to expand outside of the small screen to mobile.


Also, Ian Jones-Quartey from Steven Universe created the world of Lakewood Plaza Turbo and co-produced it with Toby Jones from Regular Show, so there's clearly a lot of talent behind the show.

Cartoon Network will be holding a Game Jam following the mobile launch, a festival for game developers to use the Lakewood Plaza Turbo world to create their own games.

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Participants will have 48 hours to develop their own games based on OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo. The winners will get a contract with Cartoon Network to keep working on the game and develop a finished product.

This marks an excited time for Cartoon Network as it moves beyond the world of television and directly into gaming and mobile experiences.

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And who knows, OK K.O.! Lakewood Turbo Plaza might turn into an animated series at some point!

OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo is now available for free on Android and iOS.