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    Posted on Mar 23, 2017

    17 Things You Understand If Touching Cardboard Makes You Want To Rip Your Hair Out

    Just image it rubbing against your bare, dry skin.

    1. People don't always believe you at first when you talk about how much it freaks you out.

    2. Touching cardboard makes you squirm. It's like nails on a chalkboard.

    danipink89 CC / Via, Comedy Central Productions

    3. When it's really, really bad it makes you lightheaded or nauseous. Cardboard is just BAD. NEWS.

    Blingee / Getty

    4. Ripping, shredding, and tearing cardboard is, without a doubt, one of the worst things imaginable.

    5. There are few things more nauseating than the sight of corrugated cardboard.

    Travenian / Getty Images

    6. And pizza boxes! Why must something so pure be imprisoned by something so evil?

    GreenBoxNY / Via

    7. Your packages sometimes go unopened for days because you can't stand to touch them.

    8. You're that roommate who never changes the toilet paper roll because the thought of it brushing against your fingertips is...blergh.

    Igorr1 / Getty Images

    9. Cardboard cat toys? Cardboard cat toys are a NIGHTMARE. Just think about how it sounds when cats scratch against them!

    10. Somehow cardboard gets even worse when the weather is dry.


    11. And when your nails are a little longer than normal.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    12. Touching it right after you wash your hands is an absolutely no-no.


    13. Sometimes you want to throw a fit when people ask you to break down boxes at your job.

    Citytv / Via

    14. Sure, recycling is important. But having to sort papers from plastics is an emotional ordeal because you MIGHT HAVE TO TOUCH SOME CARDBOARD.

    Fox / Via

    15. Lotion, for some reason, is the only thing that makes touching it bearable.

    Getty Images

    16. And gloves, of course. But they don't always have the best traction.

    Disney / Via

    17. So if the thought of rifling through this makes you want to clench your fist...

    Difydave / Getty Images

    ...Or grind your teeth...

    Only_fabrizio / Getty Images

    ...Or just straight up want to throw things...

    We're sorry. Stay Strong.


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