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Updated on Jun 23, 2019. Posted on Jun 21, 2017

If You Can Make It Through This Quiz, You Might Just Survive The Apocalypse

Warning: this is much harder than you think it will be.


After missiles rained from the sky through the night, you woke up to a city in ruin. You hid in your apartment for several days, but you are nearly out of food and out of water. Your building is now abandoned, but as your neighbors left yesterday they told you they'd heard rumors about a camp of survivors a three-days' walk up north. Your best bet is to leave the city in the morning and make your way through to the wilderness to find this settlement.

Studioalef / Getty Images

You will start with 150 survival points. Every decision you make in the wild costs varying amounts time and energy, and will therefore subtract from these points. The items in your survival pack are irreplaceable and more costly to use.

If you reach 0 survival points, you die. If you make one wrong decision, you die. Still think you can do it?


This week, we're talking about preparing for and surviving the worst things imaginable. See more Disaster Week content here.

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