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21 Animals Who Are All About That Bass

♫ No treble ♫

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1. This okapi, who is able to summon all of the boys to the yard with just a flash of her artfully decorated rump.

2. This zebra, whose abstract behind provided the inspiration for the Rorscach test.

Nathan Rupert / Via Flickr: nathaninsandiego

3. This bumblebee, whose majestic bumblebutt makes even Kim Kardashian jealous.

scootiepye CC / Via Flickr: scootiepye

4. This corgi, who refuses to let you objectify her rumpus.

visualazn CC / Via Flickr: visualazn

5. This duck who will not be shamed into hiding his fine, feathery posterior from the world.

Dave Gough CC / Via Flickr: spacepleb

6. This baby elephant is unprepared to carry the burden of what will one day be a swagalicious heinie.


7. This cat, who is preemptively plotting revenge for you trying to pet his plush bottom.

Car CC / Via Flickr: leparkinglot

8. This bunny, whose cushy tushy makes you want to weep a thousand tears for blessing you with such fuzzy perfection.


9. This bare butt, who reminds you that you should never feel the need put on pants and hide your rear from the world.

Lava CC / Via Flickr: lavaland

10. This turtle, who is judging you for thinking that there's something wrong with a firmer dumpster.

11. This llama, whose bum is so glorious he cannot go two steps without someone trying to tap dat ass.

Jocelyn Saurini CC / Via Flickr: jnissa

12. This horse, whose corpulent caboose causes everyone to bow their heads in hushed reverence whenever she walks by.

Paul J Everett / Via Flickr: paul_everett82

13. These rhinos, who know how to perfectly position their haunches so that the setting sun illuminates them in a soft, majestic glow.

True magic.
Neville Nel CC / Via Flickr: nevilleslens

True magic.

14. This cat, who refuses to let cat callers keep her from flaunting her stuff.


15. These little piggies, whose little booties are so fine they'll just blow you away.


16. These penguins, who know with just a shake of their money makers they could make it rain for days.

fredlet CC / Via Flickr: fredlet

17. These hippos, whose impressive display of acrobatics gracefully displays her derriere.


18. This panda, whose fluffy buns basically inspired the modern pillow.

cactusbeetroot CC / Via Flickr: cactusbeetroot

19. This hamster, whose tiny tuchus has provided a miraculous life line, anchoring him to the couch and saving him from a perilous death.

Tijakool Yiyuan / Via Flickr: schattenscherbe

20. These sassy cow butts, who think there's no shame in moooooooooning you.

21. And finally, this hedgehog, whose immaculately prickly badonkadonk proudly lords over the lesser posteriors of the animal kingdom.

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