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    43 Halloween Costumes You Can Make For Under $20

    Don't worry about your bank account haunting you.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best cosplays for under $20. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. Elliot from E.T.


    "All I bought was the old milk crate and the fabric to make the E.T. face. His body is a trash can flipped over and wrapped in a dishtowel. The bike handlebars are old golf clubs I found in my parents' basement." β€”Terpcat2011

    2. Cap'n Crunch


    "I used a $5 blazer from Goodwill, a few craft supplies, and an old cardboard box for the hat. Behold, my masterpiece!" β€”lornejangle

    3. Arthur Read from Arthur


    "I created this Arthur the Aardvark costume using things I already had in my closet (red sneakers, jeans, and a yellow sweater). I bought the white polo for $5 at Target, glasses at a thrift store for $2, and bear ears on Amazon for $5. I am a first-grade teacher, and my students absolutely loved this costume!" β€”melissah56

    4. Rosie the Riveter


    "I was Rosie the Riveter for $5. I bought a red bandana and foam board, and used my roommate's art supplies for the rest." β€”christas4e54cbd13

    5. Mocha Frappuccino


    "$11 clearance brown dress from Target, felt from fabric store for the straw and whipped cream, and a printed Starbucks logo." β€”f4bed0875d

    6. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob SquarePants


    "Most of the stuff we already had around the house. The only things we had to make were Mermaid Man’s shells, which was super easy because it was just cutting out felt we bought from Walmart for 10 cents." β€”lynniebee

    7. Kim Kardashian breaking the internet


    "I owned a black tank, black maxi skirt, pearls, and of course, a bottle of champagne. All I needed was a plastic champagne glass and a roll of shimmery wrapping paper. The dollar store is my best friend." β€”monican42d798907

    8. Sidetable Drawer and Steve from Blue's Clues


    "We owned all of the clothes except his long-sleeve polo, which I bought from a thrift store for $1. The rest was made from duct tape, foam board, and construction paper." β€”craigmiddlebrooks

    9. Helga from Hey Arnold!


    "I bought the shirt, dress, red scarf (sewn to the bottom), and shoes from Goodwill, and the felt for the bow from Michael’s! Best $20 I ever spent." β€”audreya7

    10. Towelie from South Park

    Jaime Willett

    "I used a $10 blanket and a $1 roll of cabinet liner. Costume pros: cheap, limited artistic talent required, warm. Cons: you can’t speak in your normal voice all night." β€”Jaime Willett

    11. Salvador DalΓ­ clock

    Jaime Willett

    "My boyfriend at the time and I bought cheap white sheets and some black fabric paint and went as Salvador Dali clocks. We made both costumes for under $10 and got to lay around on things all night." β€”Jaime Willett

    12. Slinky Dog from Toy Story


    "I spent $15 on felt, embroidery hoops for the slinky, and foam for the mouth." β€”stevek424b3d64b

    13. Human Ariel from The Little Mermaid


    "I used sailcloth, rope, and a baby fork superglued onto a hair clip. I LOVED this costume, and got compliments all night!" β€”erinsavagef

    14. Robot


    "I worked for a retail store at the time so I got the box there, and the shoes were made with cardboard inserts. The rivets were made with dollops of hot glue with tinfoil wrapped around them. I think the most money I spent was on spray paint. " β€”tokenlindsey

    15. Lion-O from the ThunderCats


    "I bought a toy sword and body paint, and used a bunch of random stuff from our closets. $15 later, I had the best costume of my life." β€”kevinr465197e21

    16. Bioluminescent jellyfish

    Kte McA

    "I grabbed an old see-through umbrella I had and bought crate paper and a string of min-LED lights that used a battery pack. It cost me around $15 bucks. Best costume I ever had!" β€”Kte McA

    17. Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers


    "The only thing we had to buy were the aprons and it came out to $10!" β€”calliewhatever

    18. Lumberjacks


    "We bought red flannels from a thrift store for $10, and the beards from Party City for around $5. It was a hit β€” we had people asking us for photos all night." β€”laurenrosej2

    19. Cher from If I Could Turn Back Time


    "The boots, fishnets, and jacket were in my closet. The leotard was $8, and the wig was $11! It was a hit!" β€”jessicad4cc2b5c01

    20. Bamm-Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones


    "I cut jagged edges into his orange shorts. The furry brown fabric was $4 at Walmart, and sheets of black and white felt were about 50 cents each." β€”ashleya4fa0794f6

    21. Cards Against Humanity


    "We took four poster boards (two each) and stuck letters on them. We cut holes into the posters and strung rope through them so that the boards could rest on our shoulders. The easiest!" β€”courtneym460e9073c

    22. Beanie Babies


    "We spent about $15 each on T-shirts, poster board to make the signs, and face paint." β€”hannahjob2

    23. Red Solo cup


    "We spray-painted a trash can and cut out the bottom, painted the Solo part with cheap paint, and made the Solo cup straps out of ribbon. To make the Ping-Pong ball, we cut a styrofoam ball in half." β€”justinet47ed748c7

    24. Gerald from Hey Arnold!


    "Red long-sleeve shirt: $5. Poster board, cotton balls, and black hair spray: $7. Hearing 'Hey, look, it's Gerald from Hey Arnold!': priceless." β€”gclark721

    25. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls


    "It cost us $4 each and we got everything from the dollar store. We made our tops with duct tape and Saran wrap, duct taped color around our white socks, then whited out the glasses and used markers to draw the cartoon eyes." β€”michaelaz4eeaa0cbc

    26. Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars


    "A friend gave me one of her old white bedsheets for the dress and I just made a head hole, draped it around myself, and finished it off with a borrowed belt. For my sister’s costume, the clothes were all owned or borrowed except for the thrifted jacket (less than $10). The 'blaster' was a toy gun from the dollar store with a coat or two of spray paint." β€”briannaesther

    27. Boo from Monsters, Inc.


    "I glue-gunned the better part of a mop, cheap springs from the hardware store, two foam balls, and felt teeth onto a used a purple hoodie I already had in my closet." β€”alyssaz4e58b8264

    28. Tinder dates


    "T-shirts: $5. Construction paper: $3. Amount of theoretical right swipes: Priceless." β€”durantdhm

    29. Gene from Wet Hot American Summer


    "The shirt was $10 and everything else was already owned. The vegetable label was printed out, the tattoo was sketched on, and the beard β€” that's homegrown." β€”dyurko87

    30. Eleven and Joyce from Stranger Things


    "I bought the fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric for $15. Then we bought Eggos, borrowed the jacket from a friend, and threw some lipstick under his nose for the nose bleed. Also, the LED lights for the Joyce costume were $3 from Target and the clothes I already owned!" β€”katelynj4

    31. The Doctor from Dr. Who

    Padawan Ryan

    "Everything besides what I already owned (shoes and sonic screwdriver) came from thrift shops, so it cost around $12 to $15 to make." β€”Padawan Ryan

    32. Adam Levine from The Voice


    "I cut cardboard into the shape of each piece, glued Bristol board on top, and painted on the 'I WANT YOU' sign. I punctured holes on each side of the table to attach string so I could walk around holding up the chair. I purchased the tattoo sleeves, and cut a hole in my chair to hold my drinks. It cost $12." β€”skyskerry

    33. Deviled egg


    "I bought a white T-shirt, $1.75 worth of yellow fabric, and borrowed the devil horns. And the red sweater is mine! It was less than $10 :)" β€”k42f60b47e

    34. A Sim from The Sims


    "My sister and I bought headbands and paperclips to make our plumbobs. We wore our regular clothes and acted like Sims. It cost about $4." β€”Ayymio

    35. No Face from Spirited Away


    "I got three yards of cloth for $18 at Hobby Lobby and I made the mask with cardboard!" β€”hetaliaamericalover1804

    36. Pac-Man


    "All you need is cardboard (I got the boxes from behind a Walmart because I’m classy like that), two Hula-Hoops (dollar store), yellow spray paint, and some beer to help you with the design process." β€”patrickb39

    37. Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls


    "I got the pink turtleneck from a thrift store for $5, sewed on the shooting star that I made with felt for $3, and made the skirt for about $10. I also painted a headband I had lying around, and the shoes I already had. Plus, I had braces when I wore this costume, so it looked even more accurate!" β€”psyducktective

    38. Weed Brownie


    "I probably spent $5 on sewing brown bandanas together to make a sash with felt patches. The rest of the items were things I had in my closet. So far, it’s been the most popular costume I’ve had yet." β€”sarahs4fb8c8c14

    39. Mounted deer head


    "I picked up a poster board, sheets of craft paper, and paint from Hobby Lobby, and created this costume a few hours before going out." β€”Parkssandrec

    40. Alan Parrish from Jumanji


    "After holding off on a haircut for a few months, I bought some fake leaves and twine for $6 at a craft store, cut up a few of my baggy old shirts, borrowed my cousin’s board game, and became the long-lost Alan Parrish from Jumanji! Did someone roll a 5 or an 8?!" β€”trevorhohen

    41. Ron Swanson and his favorite things from Parks and Recreation


    "During a weekly Target run, I noticed the bacon and eggs costume and knew exactly what our Halloween costume should be. A cheap wig, a mustache, and a lot of hairspray turned us into Ron Swanson and two of his favorite things: a brunette and breakfast food." β€”saragrace5509

    42. Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes


    "Last year I made my 2-year-old Calvin and Hobbes with a $2 Old Navy T-shirt, a sharpie, and a look-alike Hobbes from Target for $7." β€”ericad4d565c734

    43. And Damian from Mean Girls


    "Saw the perfect hoodie at a thrift store β€” couldn’t resist!!" β€”mariacolleenf

    Note: submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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