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10 Brazilian Girls With Retro Style You Should Follow On Instagram

The retro style has fans all over the world, however, often only girls located in the United States and Europe are mentioned, so, today's post is with Latin taste.Meet 10 Brazilian girls with a retro lifestyle to follow on Instagram.

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1-Aurora D'Vine

Journalist, burlesque artist and model, Aurora D'Vine has her style based on burlesque aesthetics and typically Brazilian influences, such as theater, for example. Aurora is one of the greatest references of the retro style in Brazil and is always developing some project in this segment. @ aurora_dvine

2- Cherry Rat

Brazilian living in Las Vegas, Cherry is a model and singer. Her aesthetic is influenced especially by rockabilly and tiki style.Your selfies are great inspiration for retro hairstyles and for the girls who love to combine the modern with the old.@cherry_rat

3-Blonde Venus

Fashion student and retro blogger, Blonde Venus shares in her instagram product tips, easy combinations for a vintage lifestyle and some hair tutorials. Her style is influenced by the glamour of Old Hollywood, the 1940's and the tropical style, besides the great icon Rita Haywoth.@blonde.venus

4-Miss De-Lovely

Journalist and editor of a great vintage culture portal in her country, Miss De-Lovely is completely in love with the 50's and rockabilly lover. Her look is colorful, full of flowers and joy. Excellent inspiration for pin-ups of the cheesecake strand and who like a more romantic fashion.@miss_delovely

5-Imperio Retro

Journalist, retro blogger and student of Letters, Rafaella is strongly in love and influenced by the fashion of the 70s. Her visual references travel through cinema, music, literature and other arts. Her blog is an execellent source of study for curious in the history of fashion.@imperioretro


Lover of the 60's, 70's and 90's, the playmate's feed is extremely colorful and fun. Her hairstyles are similar to those of Brigitte Bardot and many of the pieces shown on her instagram are creations for her brand.@playmate1960

7-Dressed To Kiil You

Latex design and model living in UK, Dressed To Kill You mixes the old with modern.It's a great inspiration for pin-ups that like latex and fetish.In your feed we get information about your brand and launches.@dressedtokillyou


Enthusiastic of the old horror films, Dracurella lives immersed in the world of vintage horror, especially the 1930s. Her accessories are always very creative and currently she owns and stylists a brand of headpieces.@dracurella


With romantic and country-based style, howdysister appreciates from the 40's to the 70's. His look is always impeccable and original (his makeup too). It's a great inspiration for wester pin-ups.@howdysister


Also lover of the old horror, murderqueen has a fetishistic and glamorous look. Recently she has created a blog where she wants to share beauty tips and fashion. She works in a famous corsets brand in her country.@murderqueen

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