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    16 Stories To Remember Grantland By

    Here's a few of our favorite features from the site's great four-year run.

    1. The Valley Plays Itself — Molly Lambert

    Roderick Mills

    Los Angeles, according to Paul Thomas Anderson.

    2. At Least One Real, Authentic Moment of Humanity With Cameron Diaz — Alex Pappademas

    Mario Zucca

    An awkward conversation with the most recognizable rom-com star.

    3. What Happened at Brian Holloway’s House? — Jay Caspian Kang

    Aaron Dana

    How an NFL player's empty home became host to a massive teenage party — and the viral social media storm that followed.

    4. Barack and Me — Rembert Browne

    Valerie Jarrett

    On Air Force One, an intimate conversation with the president during a trip to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the marches in Selma.

    5. Lost to the Ages — Emily Yoshida


    Exploring the legacy of Myst, two decades after it was supposed to radically change the direction of gaming.

    6. The Third Revelation of Father John Misty — Sean Fennessey

    Elias Stein

    A profile of the ever-evolving folk singer-songrwiter Josh Tillman.

    7. Out in the Great Alone — Brian Phillips

    Jeff Schultz/AlaskaStock

    A birds eye view — literally — of Alaska's grueling Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

    8. Wedded Blitz: A Hall of Fame Entry! — Katie Baker

    Tracy A. Woodward / Getty Images

    A deep dive into the June New York Times wedding announcements.

    9. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Couldn’t Lose — Robert Mays

    NBC Universal

    An oral history of Friday Night Lights.

    10. Who Is the Greatest Fictional Basketball Player of All Time? — Jason Concepcion and Shea Serrano

    Elias Stein

    A look back at the greatest players and moments in basketball movie history.

    11. The Malice at the Palace — Jonathan Abrams

    Allen Einstein / NBAE / Getty Images

    An oral history of the infamous 2004 brawl between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons.

    12. Wu-Tang, Atomically — Amos Barshad

    Michael Weinstein

    How members of the iconic 90s hip-hop group, despite leading disparate lives, attempted to reunite for one last album.

    13. From Here to Paternity — Bryan Curtis

    Illustration by Timothy Mcauliffe

    Peek into what goes on behind the brawls and babies of Maury.

    14. Let Me Live That Fantasy — Justin Heckert


    A profile of Puddles, the saddest clown in internet history.

    15. Let’s Be Real — Wesley Morris


    A grim review of Let's Be Cops , amid the violence of the Michael Brown shooting.

    16. Notes on the Death of the American Network Sitcom - Andy Greenwald

    Linsey Fields

    How a staple of American broadcast television — the half-hour comedy — met its end.