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Not Fair, Yet Lovely!


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You shouldn't wear that top with the beautiful neckline because it doesn't complement on your pale brown skin tone. Don't wear the particular dress which you think it looks gorgeous on you because you got stared at by random loafers on street. Don't show your legs because they aren't toned enough. Don't wear clothes which don't fit your body type. You are too skinny, don't wear your favourite saree. Don't touch that body suit which picked up from F21 sale. Don't wear too much make up, be natural. Oh god, get your eyebrows done, do you want to grow a bush there?

Hell no, I am pale brown and I will wear a peach coloured lacy top. I am fat and I am going to show as much body as I want to. I am skinny and I am going to drape and saree and still look gorgeous. I am not fair yet lovely. I am going to shorten the length of my skirt but still will finish a plate of juicy steak and crave pizza at odd hours in the day. I will wear as much make up as it suits my fancy not because I am unattractive and I need artificial beauty, but simply because I am going to wear a hijab and still be more independent than you and can earn 10 times more than your judgemental ass is capable of. I can party in a short skirt and still beat your ass at a 200 M race the next morning. My clothes don't voice my character. I do. My skin tone doesn't set beauty standards. You do.

I am every woman who get cat called at, and laughed at, shamed and bullied at work places. I am the same girl who sat in a corner and cried because someone called her pale and skinny. I am the same married woman who's husband thinks that she is unattractive because she has gained some extra kilos. I am a woman and I want to proud of who I am.

I am every woman, who gets stared at and catcalled at. I am that little girl crying in the corner because the bullies made fun of her because she is thin and pale. I am that woman whose husband doesn't find her attractive after pregnancy because of the few extra kilos. I am that "barbie doll" at school who gets laughed at for wearing too much make up. I am that woman with hairy hands who gets called ugly for her body hair. I am the woman who can't do what I want to. I am the woman is forced and tortured into doing what the society wants them to. I am the woman who takes the world in her. I am the woman who everyone wishes to be, because it doesn't require a pair of balls to be that woman but the capability to push a lump of meat weighing 3 Kilogram or more out of my genitals. I am that woman which you can't be.

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