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    How Is Cyrrup Preventing Road Accidents By Making Vehicles Smarter?

    Cyrrup Solutions brings tech solution to mitigate and nullify the chances of accidents with cutting edge Technologies.

    Indian roads are known to be points where are frequent road accidents happen every day.

    As per the latest report by the transport and highways ministry, in 2017 more than 1.4 lakh people died in road accidents.

    According to the Times of India, More than half a lakh die as a result of a road crash, and the number of people that get wounded is 300 to 400 times the number of accidents.

    Comparing the statistics of 2017, there has been a rise of 1.68% in road accidents in the year 2018.

    There are 3 deaths at the count of every 10 minutes in India which is an alarming cause of concern.

    Roads of India have become the deadliest to travel. According to the Economic Times, over 400 deaths because of the car accidents on roads was a major concern for the government of India.

    Cyrrup Solutions Private Limited brings IoT solutions to mitigate and nullify the chances of accidents with cutting edge Technologies.

    Launched in 2016 by IIT alumnus Gaurav Kumar, Cyrrup has developed unique smart devices to make driving personnel responsive and responsible and consequently make the roads safe for all.

    Besides, it helps the ownership manage the business in a much better way.

    Smart IoT Devices by Cyrrup Solutions

    Cyrrup developed a wide variety of IoT based smart devices for Vehicles to address several issues that can help prevent safety, as well as help fleet business owners, manage their fleet efficiently.

    Vehicle Black Box

    The vehicle Black Box is a Vehicle Tracking System that comes with stays on the dashboard and monitors the performance of the vehicle and at the same time ensures the safety and security of the people in the vehicle.

    The vehicle Black Box is the best answer to address the issues of delinquent behavior of drivers.

    That is reckless driving, bringing assistance to the victims of accidents and ensuring safety and security of the vehicle. There are some fantastic features such as the Live GPS Tracking, theft detection, the panic button for emergencies, the live recording and video footages.

    Diesel Eye

    As the name suggests, the Diesel Eye is a Smart Fuel Cap using for fuel monitoring. It tracks the levels of the fuel in the fuel tank.

    All you have to do is to replace your old fuel tank cap with this smart fuel cap to get started.

    With this device, you will get alerted during fuel thefts, indications regarding your fuel level, alert on the amount of fuel you might have filled in and many more.

    Also, there's an Android application where you track & monitor all the information.

    Diesel Eye enables the owner of the vehicle to know at what time and where the vehicle was refueled and where/when fuel was stolen from the tank. Thus, it prevents the theft of fuel from the fuel tank.

    Diesel Eye can also be deployed in tankers, containers carrying fluids like diesel, petrol or milk or any other fluids.

    The device lets know the owner if there is any issues theft in the tankers and sends live reports on GPS and timestamps.

    Thus, you can stay with peace of mind because the product is being delivered at the right target on time.

    Fleet Management

    Cyrrup's Smart Fleet is an ultimate fleet management solution for various fleet tracking needs

    It can be customizable according to the fleet owners needs. Features like Footage Recording using both primary and secondary cameras sets this device apart from the competitors.

    This device provides real-time tracking of the fleet vehicles and offers features such as monitoring driver behavior, Voice/Footage Recording along with Night vision camera recording with a wide FOV Camera.

    Driver Fatigue Detection

    The Driver Drowsiness Detection System can detect if the driver is starting to get sleepy while driving using Image Analytics. The camera on the device sits on the dashboard and detects drowsiness through the algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

    It alarms the driver in that case and also notifies the Fleet Owners about the incident.

    All these can be tracked on the dashboard or using the mobile app.

    The whole gamut of Cyrrup devices will make your vehicles smarter by enabling you to properly managing the fleet of vehicles, the operational personnel, the logistics and above all the safety and wellbeing of all on the road.