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The High School Years- Sophomore Year

Here's the story when I was in 10th grade. So I hope everyone will enjoy my story. My DeviantART account is KITTYKINKIN.

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Well I'm halfway done with high school. I was still that quiet and soft-spoken teen. I wasn't crying anymore since I was now familiar with this place. I still wondered about my friends from my old school but not as much anymore. I wasn't an honors student this time. But I was in honors geometry. Over the summer I found out about an anime series called Hetalia. I thought it was so funny and instantly got hooked. So I thought that this would be funny to think about in history class. We studied American history though so it was all about Alfred F. Jones aka America from Hetalia. There were other countries like England that we talked about. We talked about The Revolutionary War. I felt very bad for Arthur losing Alfred (the feels!!). I was still into classic rock and my drawings were mostly rock artists. I was better at drawing than last year. I was also attending a group every Friday night for a period of time. So I was feeling WAY better in 10th grade than I was in 9th. I was okay and that's good.

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