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Tripped Out Anti-Drug Ads

One thing the government is really bad at is anti-drug advertising as demonstrated by this new flock of anthropocentric ads.

ANIMALnewyork 11 years ago

Ed McMahon Rap Videos

Poor Ed McMahon. From Johnny Carson sidekick to rapper.

ANIMALnewyork 11 years ago

Batmobama and Robiden Print

More vintage Batman inspiration, this time in the form of a limited edition print featuring Obama as Batman, Biden as Robin and the Republicans as supervillains the Penguin and Catwoman.

ANIMALnewyork 11 years ago

ObamaBike Is Ready To Roll

ANIMAL joined forces with bike builder Marty Walsh from Geekhouse and graphic designer Dan Funderburgh to create and auction off, this ONE OF A KIND, fixed-gear ObamaBike.

ANIMALnewyork 11 years ago