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    What Kind Of Person Owns A "Pit Bull" Dog?

    It's not who you might think! Millions of people share their lives with "pit bull" dogs. The overwhelming majority are just like you: normal, peaceful, responsible, everyday families. From nurses to police officers, from grandparents to good friends, everyday ”pit bull” dog owners are valuable members of their families and communities. It's time to put an end to negative stereotypes and meet the real majority of "pit bull" dog families. Take a look!

    1. Your nanny has a "pit bull" dog.

    2. Lots of police officers do too!

    3. Doctors and entrepreneurs own "pit bull" dogs.

    4. Also, NUNS. Nuns own "pit bull" dogs.

    5. Cancer survivors own "pit bull" dogs.

    6. And so do the people who help us beat cancer.

    7. Zombie slayers own "pit bull" dogs.

    8. And vampire slayers do too!

    9. Your Grandma has a "pit bull" dog.

    10. And so does your local firefighter.

    11. Little girls love their "pit bull" dogs.

    12. And so do our veterans.

    13. Nerds own "pit bull" dogs.

    14. And people who are friends with nerds own "pit bull" dogs.

    15. Santa owns flying reindeer AND a "pit bull" dog.

    16. Cheeseheads watch the game with their "pit bull" dogs.

    17. And cats boss their "pit bull" dogs around.

    18. Moms and their kids own "pit bull" dogs.

    19. So does Kevin Bacon. Which means we're all just Six Degrees away from owning a "pit bull" dog too!

    20. So who owns "pit bull" dogs? We ALL do!