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    8 Amazing Recipes You Won't Believe Are Vegan

    Vegan food isn't all lentils and brown mush. Check out these amazing recipes and if you're inspired to try going vegan, sign-up for Animal Aid's Great Vegan Challenge this November.

    1. 'Ricotta' and Spinach Lasagne

    Essential Vegan

    Insanely delicious and easy to prepare. Recipe here.

    2. Chocolate Mint Squares

    Vegan Family

    Who says all vegans are skinny? Recipe here.

    3. Hand Held Brunch Wraps

    A Vegan Obsession

    For the vegan on the go! Recipe here.

    4. Chocolate Hokey Pokey

    Pea Soup Eats

    Chocolatey, crunchy goodness... Recipe here.

    5. Courgette Gazpacho With Avocado, Radish And Lime Salsa

    Little Miss Meat-Free

    A little taste of sunshine. Recipe here.

    6. Black Forest Gateau Breakfast Rolls

    Tea And Sympatico

    What a way to start the day! Recipe here.

    7. 'Cheese' And Chive Mini Quiches

    In Vegetables We Trust

    Perfect for parties. Recipe here.

    8. Cashew And Coconut Flapjacks

    Powered By Peanut Butter

    Delicious and packed full of good stuff. Recipe here.

    Take part in the Great Vegan Challenge!

    Animal Aid

    If you've been inspired by these vegan recipes, why not try going vegan this November with Animal Aid's Great Vegan Challenge? Pledge to go animal-free for the month and we'll give you all the support and information you need. What's stopping you?

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