24 Things Only Your Best-Best Friend Knows About You

Because your best friends think they know you, but only your BEST-best friend knows and compliments your inner weirdo.

1. How disgusting your room really is.

Disney Channel / Via giphy.com

Crumbs in your bed, wrappers everywhere, and where the hell did the floor go?!

2. What you look like in the morning.

Doesn’t matter if you went out partying the night before, you wake up looking like a caveman. Always.

3. What your breath smells like in the morning.

Nickelodeon / Via queen-m4rceline.tumblr.com

How do they deal with it?

4. Every detail of your sex life.

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

Because of course you told them immediately after, every single time.

5. What your legs look like during the winter.

Warner Bros. / Via riptonks.tumblr.com

Not even your boyfriend gets to see that.

6. To what extent you are BSing at any given moment.

They always know the real story.

7. How much you hate the person you are being nice to right now.

8. How people clearly don’t know you when they say you’re nice.

9. That part of you that has a weird taste in romantic partners.

Admit it, we all have swooned for a weirdo at some point, and they went along with it.

10. How much you actually eat.

Cartoon Network / Via adventuretime.wikia.com

Your stomach is bottomless pit.

11. Those childish tantrums you throw when nothing is going your way.

12. Your passwords to everything.

DreamWorks / Via giphy.com

Because you always need them to do things for you.

13. What series you are currently binge-watching.

CBS / Via crushable.com

14. Probably because they’re trying to watch something on Netflix but you’re hogging it at all hours.

NBC / Via giphy.com

15. Your weirdest hook-up experiences.

Universal Pictures / Via epicrapbattlesofhistory.wikia.com

Down to the tiniest details.

16. How you don’t want to admit you’re good at something out of fear of looking cocky.

ABC / Via popsugar.com

So they just brag about it to everyone.

17. Your immature sense of humor.

We don’t like to admit it, but we’re all super immature.

18. How weird you get when you’re hyper.

If anybody else saw you like this they’d probably run screaming.

19. Your favorite places to eat.

Because you make them go every. damn. week.

20. Every stupid thing you’ve ever done.

Because 98% of the time they are there to witness it.

21. How clueless you really are.

The CW / Via gifsoup.com

So they end up being your personal assistant for life.

22. The weird things your family does.

Karaoke at 10 a.m. on the weekends, eating ethnic food with our hands, lots of screaming (usually because that’s how we talk to each other) — you name it, they’ve seen it all.

23. When you’re going poop.

You’ll text them and let them know if you have to.

24. And last but not least, how much you love them.

Nickelodeon / Via indie-time.blogspot.com

Just the fact that you guys are close enough for them to know these things is proof right there.

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