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    20 Reasons To Fall In Love With James McAvoy

    Just look into those eyes

    1. The colour of his eyes.

    2. His epic friendship with Michael Fassbender

    3. His "Days of future past" hairstyle

    4. Being so emotional and sincere

    5. He looks so sexy with this bow-tie

    6. His neck

    7. Ginger beard

    8. How cute he looks when being shy

    9. The way he plays this drinking game

    10. His tongue, which never stays in his mouth.

    11. How adorable he looks when gets confused

    12. This naive smile

    13. The way he touched this sofa

    14. The way he cries

    15. JUST THIS

    16. The way he holds a cigarette

    17. Smoking James in general

    18. Soldier-James

    19. Glasses really fit him

    20. Biting lips