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    How To Show The World You're An Adult, Miley!

    So, you've finally come of age? You're totally ready to be a grown up? And you want everyone to recognize you as the adult you are, but are not quite sure how to do that? Well, here are a few things you can DO - and some very important DON'Ts!

    DO: Be Safe! / Via

    Also, use seat belts, and see your dentist regularly.

    DON'T: Confuse Sex with Love! / Via

    And even if it's love, be safe!

    DO: Be Considerate! / Via

    Trust me, it's not only a Malaysian thing!

    DON'T: Blame others for your mistakes! / Via

    It's the opposite of mature.

    DO: Carry your ID! / Via

    You probably still look young and you will still get carded.

    No reason to bitch about it, just show your ID and move on.

    DON'T: Stop Having Fun! / Via

    In fact, have it a lot!

    DO: Your Taxes! / Via

    And stay on top of all the other paperwork.

    Really, it's THE adult thing to do.

    DON'T: Forget Your Underwear! / Via

    We believe you have reproductive organs without pictures like these.

    DON'T: Take yourself too seriously! / Via

    Even if you become huge. Especially then.

    DON'T: Party too hard! / Via

    Almost everything is better in moderation.

    DON'T: Post everything you do online! / Via

    What happens on the internet stays on the internet. Forever.

    DON'T: Go crazy! / Via

    It's really hard work to bounce back from that!

    But, whatever you do...

    DON'T DO THIS! / Via

    Having slept with stuffed animals is no reason to pole dace with them!

    Or this...

    Especially in that underwear...

    ... or this ...

    Twerking is SO over.

    At least it should be.

    ... or THIS.

    You never know - he might tear your ass in two...

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