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"Teen Wolf" Characters Season 1 vs. Now

They've changed. Like a lot. (WARNING: Spoilers)

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We've had 5 seasons...

Yes, in case you haven't been keeping track, there has been 5 seasons of "Teen Wolf", and while some of our favs are dead, or have moved, we still appreciate the ones that are here. Here's a compiled list of all the main characters who appeared in season 1 and where they are now.

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)

Season 1: Regular high school kid, who finds himself in trouble after being bitten by a wolf. During balancing school and figuring out what has happened to him, he manages to find himself a girlfriend, Allison.

Season 5: Got a new fling with Kira, and is trying to save his friends from peril and the many supernatural and non supernatural things that attempt to kill him.

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien)

Season 1: Tries to help his best friend when he gets bitten by a wolf, whilst also obsessing over Lydia Martin's good looks and queen-bee persona.

Season 5: Trying not to die, mostly. While protecting his true and ONLY love, Lydia. Always able to help Scott with his risky plans to save the day, even if it means he may end up dead.

Lydia Martin (Holland Roden)

Season 1: The queen of Beacon Hills High School, always throwing parties and hanging out with her boyfriend, Jackson. But, when she starts to develop some abilities she doesn't quite understand, her world turns upside down.

Season 5: Until a few episodes ago, she was locked up in Eichen House (The mental hospital) after Theo turned her comatose, and now that's she out she's helping her friends keep safe with her ear piercing scream.

Alison Argent (Crystal Reed)

Season 1: Beacon Hill's new girl. Just joining school and catching Scott's eye, but soon she uncovers her family secrets which leave her shocked and ready to help.

Season 5: Oh, she's like, totally dead. Sorry.

Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes)

Season 1: Huge lacrosse player, and going out with Lydia Martin. When his sporting enemy, Scott, gains impressive improvements on the field, he launched a personal investigation to see what was up.

Season 5: "An American Werewolf in London", something said by Lydia after she discussed how Derek taught Jackson "Werewolf 101" and his father moved him to London.

Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)

Season 1: Mysterious figure who helps Scott find out about being a werewolf, with a motive to also find out who the Alpha wolf is.

Season 5: Not yet appeared in season 5 (The image above is from season 4), but we hope he returns to being in some episodes where he needs to save Scott and his pals.

Mr. Argent (J. R. Bourne)

Season 1: Werewolf hunter and father of Allison, whose main goal was to hunt everyone and everything with claws and fangs.

Season 5: Werewolf protector, whose main goal is to help Scott's pack fight against all evil.

Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby)

Season 1: Protector and server in Beacon Hills County. Although, unbeknownst to him, a supernatural force would soon leave unexplained answers for him to fall into old drinking habits to cope with.

Season 5: Completely aware of all supernaturalness in Beacon Hills, he's doing a much better job at being a cop.

Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio)

Season 1: Keen nurse at Beacon Hills Hospital, and looking after her son.

Season 5: Aware of the supernatural, frequently bends the rules to help her son (and co) from being killed, and is still working in the hospital so can help with all supernatural occurrences.

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