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An All-American Hero Just Won The Gloucestershire Cheese-Rolling Race

One man flew 4,600 miles to beat the British at their own insanely dangerous game. This is his story.

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It's definitely dangerous.

Fun fact: this year the cheese was actually replaced with a foam/polystyrene disc, for safety reasons. AS IF THE CHEESE IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PART OF THE EVENT!

The reigning champion is Chris Anderson.

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This Maccabees music video is a tribute to his cheese chasing prowess.


For Kenny, this race was about so much more than cheese.

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"I am training to be the first American to win the Cooper's Hill Cheese and Rolling Wake. My goal is to win the race... AND INSPIRE ONE MILLION PEOPLE."

Could Kenny do it? Was he all hat, and no cattle? All mouth, and no trousers? All flag... and no cheese?

fest300, Instagram / Via

So much training. So many earnest emotions. Surely no match for our plucky, impromptu British spirit. Then again...

Watch his breathtaking performance in full:

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There's also a slightly less-dangerous but physically gruelling uphill race. Spoiler: Kenny wins that too!

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