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    20 Posts From Seniors On Social Media That Made Me LOL

    Some are wholesome, all hilarious

    1. Rozanne Who Didn't Understand How File Attachments Work

    2. This Heated Public Reply

    3. Helen Who Wanted to Know What Steam Gift Cards Can Buy

    4. This Senior with Strong Opinions on Facebook Games

    if anyone is wondering what f/b blocked it is a one of there games magic crush 2 do not play its so offensive aiming balls at a lot of hanging balls how rude is that

    5. This Senior Who DM'D the Wrong Person

    6. This Senior Attempting to Sell Some Morphine Powered Power Rangers?

    7. This Senior who Loved Her Own Post

    8. This Proud Grandfather

    9. On COVID19

    10. MARGE

    11. This Grandma

    12. This Confused Comment

    13. This Fantastic Reply

    14. This Confused Mother

    15. Change Password

    16. For Linda

    17. Milky Cyrus

    18. On the Rapture

    19. Yum yum yum

    20. On Privacy

    21. Which post did you think were the best?

    Let me know in the comments!