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7 Ways to Deal with Post-Grad Syndrome Like a Boss

So, you just experienced the best four years of your life. Reminiscing on the great times with your friends, ex-boyfriends and even professors has you feeling some type of way. Unfortunately, the time has come to dangle your cap and gown on a hanger in your closet and retire the school planner you have come to know so well. Yes, Post-Grad syndrome is real, and it's depressing. But, it's also easily avoidable. Remember that there are tons of ways to deal with those tears. Whether you desire to take a trip to a foreign country (Thailand, anyone?) or continue the grind you're accustomed to, by venturing into secondary school, you can easily avoid that Post-Grad syndrome (that has been eating you alive). After all, life truly does go on after college, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. In reality, the world is your oyster. And, with these 7 ways, you can overcome Post-Grad Syndrome like a boss.

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