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11 Things To Do When You Turn 21 At Florida State University

Florida State: where to begin? FSU serves as the only college allowing students to jump in the famous Westcott Fountain on top of attending 5 different bars for happy hour within 2 hours…Yes that’s the Florida State I’m talking about. So, now you’ve turned 21 in Tallahassee. The opportunity to attend Bullwinkle’s on a Thursday and Madison Social on a Friday sounds pretty rad if you ask me. The older you get in Tallahassee, the better- I promise. Now, let’s get these 21 year old shenanigans started.

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1. Having a Waltz-or at Least Attending One

2. Attending Bullwinkle's on a Thursday

3. Getting Soaked in Westcott Fountain

4. Socializing at Madison Social

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5. Visiting Proof & Playing Table Tennis

6. Chillin' at Township

7. Hanging out at Brass Tap

8. Obtaining a drinking mug from Ken's

9. Drinking fancy wine at Centrale

10. Always getting a Coliseum list spot (Yes-it took 3 years but whatevs)

11. Venturing into Midtown to visit Alchemy, Finnegan’s Wake, and Midtown Manor

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