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    • angilam

      Alright! I have wonderfully fitting bras with underwires. Working for Lane Bryant has been a blessing for we make sure it fits and is comfortable. If your being poked in the underarm you have the wrong size or style of bra. Right now I wear a 36G. I shop and Soma (since they have smaller band sizes with larger cups) and they fit perfectly and so comfortable. No issues. If you buy your bras at ‘normal’ stores (I’m adding Victoria Secret into this) then you have no one who knows about bras help you (it is very rare that you do). I fit about 5 ladies a day (when I work at Lane Bryant) into the right size bra and they are so happy about. Yes they can be EXPENSIVE but when you have someone who knows how to fit you they also know the best way to care for them so you get the longest life out of them for your buck. Also good stores always run sales or have coupons so it makes buying them so much cheaper and easier.

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