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5POINTZ, an artistic NYC icon, is set to be demolished by Jerry Wolkoff. If you have ever been to 5POINTZ, you know how artistically awesome this place is. I have been there numerous times and want to be able to go back and enjoy the freedom of artistic expression that this place gives. If you haven't been there, Google "5POINTZ NYC" and you will see exactly what I am talking about. If ya live in the Tri-Sate area, you can take just see it for yourself. 5POINTZ is located at: 45-46 Davis Street. Queens NY On the web: Help me help this place survive. Losing it will be very unfortunate. Not only is 5POINTZ a huge part of NYC, its also recognized from all over the world. I need your help. 5POINTZ needs your help. Its simple. Just sign the petition. It takes 10 seconds of your time. Please Share, re-post, and invite this event as much as you can. Sign the petition at:

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