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5 Great Spooky Podcasts

I am a sucker for the spoopy and the horror-filled! My go-to pastime is delving head-first into the mysterious world of paranormal junk, so here are my favorites!

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1. Thinking Sideways

Thinking Sideways Podcast / Via Stitcher . com

What's The Sitch'? Mysteries, cryptids, the unsolved and the creepy - all can be found on this great podcast! The three hosts, Joe, Steve and Devin, are all curious and skeptical (most of the time) and do amazing research so you and I don't have to! They are non-explicit in language, so don't worry about young people picking up swears if you listen to podcasts with your kids around. However, they do talk about things like mysterious unsolved deaths, possible alien encounters, paranormal happenings, and other creepy things... so maybe just don't listen to it around your kids. Or do! Whatever floats your parental-boat.

Favorite Episode: Dyatlov Pass Incident

OH MAH GOSH, friend. If you haven't researched this mystery of all mysteries before, treat yourself and listen to this episode. Then listen to and watch every single other thing about this freaking terrifying/interesting/spooky AF mystery.

Here's A Link!

2. The Last Podcast On The Left

The Last Podcast On The Left / Via Cave Comedy Radio

What's The Sitch'? Horror, horror - HORROR ABOUND!!! This podcast is all about the shit-your-pants scary stuff from this world and others! Aliens, ghosts, monsters, killers and cults; these boys have it all. Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks are three guys who know their stuff and love it too - they aren't the most PC at all times, and they certainly don't filter their opinions, but if you're not an emotionally squishy person and can take a joke, you'll appreciate this podcast.

Favorite Episode: the L. Ron Hubbard series - 4 episodes!

I've been real into cults and weird religions lately - not like, doing them, but hearing about them, I promise! This series about the man behind Scientology got me so pumped to hear more, and more, and more, and now I'm watching the HBO series about it because I can't get enough. Ben, Marcus and Henry all go in-depth on the werido that is Hubbard, and it is well worth a listen.

Click on the LINK, friend!

3. Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke

Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke / Via Last FM

What's The Sitch'? Spaaaaah-oooooooky (insert ghostly sing-song here)

This podcast is NEW y'all. Brand new last month, and I am waited on baited breath week after week for their episodes. These gals, Meghan Drisko and Katy Wiggins, allude to the fact they're college students, either grad or undergrad, and they're super cool chicks - I feel like they're good friends telling me great stories on like a really long hour+ voice mail message or something. I love it, and the stories they tend to tell are ones I haven't heard before!! Extra points to Camp Roanoke (which is a legit place - but [spoilers alert] but they don't record from the actual camp it's just a fun name).

Favorite Episode: Episode 2, Strudel Memories

Other than the fact the title of the episode is incredibly cute and these hosts are constantly beautiful souls, it is adorable because there are cute stories about grandparent ghosts!!! GRANDPARENT GHOSTS! So spooky, so pure, so sweet.

Seriously, click this LINK!

4. Lore

Lore - Aaron Mahnke / Via LorePodcast . com

What's The Sitch'? Great narration, writing and research - all in one simplistic, spooky package! This podcast was made and is narrated by Aaron Mahnke, and is coming to television and being novelized! Every episode has a different creepy subject or theme, such as castles, the ocean, and even *shudder* live burial. It is well worth a listen, and is an incredibly well-written narrative rather than the other - also enjoyable! - group podcasts listed above.

Favorite Episode: Episode 31, Lost and Found

Here's the description of the episode from Aaron Mahnke himself: "We spend every waking moment surrounded by people. People who talk to us, who interact with us, and who are very much alive an breathing. Which is why it’s that much more shocking when we stumble upon those who aren’t. And it’s more common than you’d think." -- are you intrigued? So am I, I'm gunna go listen to it right now.

Click HERE now!

5. Knifepoint Horror

Unknown - Knifepoint Horror / Via Podbay

What's The Sitch'? Here is a description from the website: "These tales of supernatural suspense by Soren Narnia adhere to the most primal element of storytelling: a single human voice describing events exactly as it experienced them. The stories, stripped of even proper titles, spill forward as taut, uninterrupted confessions."

This podcast itself is kind of a mystery!! It rarely updates, but has 30+ episodes of spooky AF horror stories. This is more of a story-telling podcast rather than a research-heavy or group talk type of thing BUT it is still so interesting because the stories are really, really, really scary. Think of your favorite horror novella, read to you in a nice clear voice, and with creepy music too!

Favorite Episode: outcast

This hour+ episode is so creepy, and comes with a big twist. It's not your run of the mill, American Horror Story-esque "misunderstood teen takes his anger out on his peers" type thing - the twist is there, and the payoff at the end is worth listening to every gloriously spoopy minute.

Find it H E R E !

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