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5 Coloring Books For Your Self-Care Needs

Coloring is not just for kids anymore, friends.

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So if you're like me, you're a pretty stressed kind of person. Mostly because your brain kind of hates you, but also because you're a bad ass adult who has a lot of living on their plate!

@angiebuzzbee / Via Instagram

Look at me cooking me own dinner and everything!! Seriously, adult life is hard.

So why not take some stress out of your system by coloring???!!!

In the interest of cheap living and self-lovin', I've made this list of cheap-o coloring books for all your me-time needs.

1. For the flower-child and gardening nerd

Johanna Basford - The Secret Garden / Via Good Housekeeping

This beautiful book, The Secret Garden, has all your flowery needs! Though a bit pricey, it is also bulky so you're for-sure getting your moneys worth. It's great for detail-oriented people who aren't too unhappy when they color outside the lines - just have fun and color your own beautiful garden!

Cost: $15.95 at Michaels

2. For the neat-minded maze lover

Sophie Roach, Mind Melt / Via Amazon . com

This Extreme maze-filled coloring book is perfect for the perfectionist or puzzle lover! It's got so many shapes, and mazes!! PERFECTION!!

Cost: $10.99 on Amazon

3. For those with zombies on the brain

AMC The Walking Dead / Via

Do you love gory? Do you love scary? Do you also love... coloring??!! Then this book is for you! There are awesome pages that chronicalize nearly all the season, even Negan's horrible eeny meeny miny... *sob*

Cost: $12.26 on Amazon

4. For my fellow cat-people...

Hizwan Hamid / Via TimeOut . com

A MILLION Cats - hell to the yes, please. I love me some cats, and this book looks so incredibly adorable! Seriously, I don't own this myself but I just might get it right now.

Cost: a STEAL at $9.95 at Michaels

5. And one for the dog-people!

Lulu Mayo / Via Amazon . com

Adorable. Buy it now. Buy ten of them and give nine to the closest people to you. Go go go before they are gone forever!!!!

Cost: again, the dirt-cheap price of $9.95 via Michaels

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